OutSport Toronto Seeks Treasurer and Community Outreach Director

8 April 2011

Good with figures or know someone who is?  Interested in promoting sport and healthy living to the broader LGBT community?  Then OutSport Toronto wants you!  OutSport Toronto has a couple of key director positions vacant that it needs to fill. 

"We're splitting a couple of portfolios and shifting some accountabilities to better align people's talents and interests with our goals and mission," said OutSport Toronto's Chair Shawn Sheridan.  "We're particularly interested in getting folks from our member organisations, as that tie and representation is critical.  We know our member organisation have their own volunteering needs, but we're hoping there might be a bit of extra bandwidth there to find a member-in-good-standing that can be on our board."

Positions needing to be filled are Treasurer, accountable for keeping the financial records of OutSport Toronto and ensuring proper controls are in place, and Director for Community Outreach, accountable generally for OutSport's mission component of promotion of sport within the broader LGBT community.

"The Treasurer is obviously an key role, and part of our executive committee of the board," stated Shawn.  "And the director for Community Outreach is hugely important in making sure we're appropriately tied into Pride, colleges and universities, Church Street and West Queen West, and other areas where our community is, making sure they know of the healthy living options our member organisations provide."

If you're interested in joining the board of OutSport Toronto, eMail OutSport Toronto's Chair at shawn.sheridan@OutSportToronto.org .