Mission, Vision, and Values

In March of 2009, LGBT sport and recreation organisations developed the mission statement below as part of the overall formation of OUTSPORT TORONTO.  In January of 2011, OUTSPORT TORONTO held a workshop with participation of member organisations, the City of Toronto, and the Toronto Sports Council to develop a vision statement and a set of values.  The vision and values from that workshop were unanimously ratified by member organisations at OUTSPORT TORONTO's annual general meeting held in March of 2011.


OUTSPORT TORONTO serves and supports LGBT amateur sport and recreation organisations and athletes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by:

  • encouraging health, healthy living, wellness and well-being through participation in sport and recreation within the LGBT community;
  • facilitating interaction and communication amongst member LGBT sport organizations;
  • providing opportunities for learning and mentoring; and
  • effectively advocating to external parties.


OUTSPORT TORONTO's vision is to be the respected voice of LGBT sport.


  • Healthy Living:  OUTSPORT TORONTO believes that participation in sports and recreation contributes to overall health through a combination of physical, mental, and social well-being.
  • Service Driven:  OUTSPORT TORONTO focuses on the needs of its members to help them achieve increased success in the delivery of their programmes.
  • Inclusion:  OUTSPORT TORONTO commits to making all individuals feel respected and valued.
  • Accountability:  OUTSPORT TORONTO reports, explains, and is responsible for its policies, decisions, and actions.
  • Transparency:  Everything OUTSPORT TORONTO does is open for scrutiny.  Meetings are open to the governing bodies of member organisations and their nominees.  Board meeting minutes are published on a timely basis.