How to Get OUT... and Play!

Congratulations!  You're already closer to getting into sports just by reading this page!  Hopefully by the end of this “How to” you will be equipped and ready to take the leap into sports.

For many of us in the 2SLGBTIQ+ community, sport was out of bounds growing up because of who we are.  We faced being ostracised or we attribute stigmas to sport because of our own youthful experiences.   These became walls that created barriers to our participating in sport and a healthy living as adults.  The first step to getting involved is to tear those walls down – they don't belong to you anyway.

Alright – you've worked up a sweat tearing down those walls and you're feeling pretty good about it.  Way to go!  Suddenly, out of nowhere, you're gripped with a cold realization and you freeze in place.  You have just come face to face with the next hurdle.  Fear.  What if I DO throw like wimp?  What if I can't keep up?  What if I am the reason my team loses?  What if I strike out?  What I if am a klutz?   What if they yell at me?  What if I make a fool of myself?  And my face!  What if I damage my pretty face!?!?!?!  

Fear is a loud mouthed foul little thing.  Put it in its place and remind it that you're in charge.  Our sport community is diverse and ranges from recreational to high performance.  There are plenty of options from which to choose, and, as a first step into the world of sport, choose a recreational league.  You will be playing with a host of others just like you – people who play because they want to meet other people, have fun, and enjoy the benefits of being active.  It might take a while to find the right sport.  It's like buying a pair of jeans.  You have to try on a few to find the right fit.  So don't feel bad if you discover the sport you joined isn't for you and you want to move on.  You're not signing away your life – you are making new friends and getting connected to the community.

You've come a long way from that first click that opened up this page.   We hope you're getting a little excited – that growing feeling that you're about to do something good and make a real change in your life.  You're ready... you're set... and.... now what?  Your last challenge is to discover the wealth of sporting options available to you.  Not such an easy task in a large and diverse city like Toronto.  Good thing you're here!  OUTSPORT TORONTO can help you find your sport.  On our Organisations page we list all the community sport leagues of which we are aware.  First comes member organisations.  Click on the organisation and you get a profile page with a summary of the organisation and important contact information.  At the bottom of the Organisation page are non-member organisations with just some basic info (sorry non-members... but it is FREE to join).  Check out the calendar too.  Our member organisations frequently post upcoming social events, registration nights, and new member nights to come and try them out.  It's that easy.

You're ready.  You've torn down the barriers, you've overcome your fear, and you're equipped with tools to help you find your team.  Now Get OUT... and Play!