Changes on the Board

17 April 2011

OutSport Toronto is pleased to announce the appointment of James Scott, Assistant Commissioner of the Toronto Gay Football League as director of OutSport Toronto.

"James has been a great supporter of OutSport Toronto and I'm delighted to add his talent and enthusiasm to an already great board!" said Shawn Sheridan, Chair of OutSport Toronto.  "James will be taking on the Membership and Member Services portfolio, which is a key role in ensuring that OutSport Toronto remains relevant and valuable to its member organisations.  We're already planning our Fall 2011 Scrum, and James will be spearheading that effort, with full support from the rest of the board.  And, he's already a member of the OutSport Toronto Pride 2011 Committee, helping to carry forward the clear direction from our member organisations regarding our presence this year at Pride Toronto."

OutSport Toronto would also like to take this opportunity to thank Connie Bonello for her contribution to OutSport Toronto over the past year as she retires from the board.  "We're sorry to see Connie go," said Shawn Sheridan.  "Connie provided great insight and solid perspective that we'll miss."

OutSport Toronto has vacancies on its board, including the role of Treasurer.  If you're interested in being on OutSport Toronto's board, please contact Shawn Sheridan, Chair of OutSport Toronto, at .