Governance modelOUTSPORT TORONTO is incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act as a not-for-profit amateur athletic association.  That Act imposes other legislation on OUTSPORT TORONTO , which give it its legal framework. 

OUTSPORT TORONTO also has bylaws, a mission statement, a vision statement, and values statements that are the product of its member organisations joint work.

All of these, supplemented by a number of policies (such as policies around financial controls and other organisational functions) provide an overall operational and strategic framework for the organisation, and in particular its board of directors.

LGBT sporting organisations are the members of OUTSPORT TORONTO , and annually elect up to 14 directors to oversee the affairs of OUTSPORT TORONTO .  The directors execute their accountabilities through committees of the board, composed of one or more directors and other volunteers.  Current committees of the board are:

  • Executive committee, composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary Treasurer
  • Finance Committee
  • Board Development
  • Fund Raising and Development
  • Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations
  • Membership
  • Member Services
  • Games Committee
  • Community Outreach
  • Advocacy

All committees of the board (except for the Executive committee) are open to volunteer participation.  If you'd like to get involved in OUTSPORT TORONTO, please complete the volunteer form found here, or eMail for more information.