Become a Member Organisation

Membership in OUTSPORT TORONTO is voluntary, and is open to all LGBT community-based organisations, leagues, teams and groups that are involved in a recreational or competitive sport or recreation activity.

There is no cost to your organisation for membership.

Becoming a member is simple.

  1. Complete the secure on-line application form found here (will open in a new tab / window).
  2. As part of completing the form, you can choose to do all authorisations electronically, or print the form and get physical signatures.
    1. If you choose electronic, eMail approvals, the signing officer you chose will be eMailed a PDF copy of the application form along with instructions.  You will also be eMailed a PDF copy of the form, and a link to alter the submission should you need to change any information.
    2. If you chose physical signatures, you will be eMailed a PDF of the form along with instructions.  Just print the PDF, get it signed, and return a signed copy to OUTSPORT TORONTO by any of
      1. personally giving it to one of the directors,
      2. scanning the signed form and eMailing the scan (PDF preferred if possible) to , or
      3. send it by post to the following address: 

        OutSport Toronto 
        77 Carlton Street, Suite 1707 
        Toronto, Canada.  M5B 2J7 

Once reviewed and your membership accepted by the Board of Directors of OUTSPORT TORONTO , your nominee will be eligible to attend and vote at any OUTSPORT TORONTO general meetings.

For more on becoming a member of OUTSPORT TORONTO , please eMail .