Logo Use Guidelines

Member organisations, affiliates, and sponsors of OutSport Toronto are encouraged to use the OutSport Toronto logo on their websites, brochures, and elsewhere.  You may not use the logo or its likeness as a company logo or for any other commercial purpose without permission from OutSport Toronto.  Member organisations may use the logo in their materials as long as they do not make any profit from such use and comply with usage guidelines. 

The OutSport Toronto logo is a trademark of OutSport Toronto, which is responsible for defending against any damaging or confusing uses.  In general, OutSport Toronto wants the logo to be used as widely as possible to promote OutSport Toronto, its mission, vision, and values, and its member organisations.  Derivative versions of the OutSport Toronto logo are generally prohibited, as they dilute OutSport Toronto's brand identity.  However, please contact OutSport Toronto via email at info@OutSportToronto.org if you have any questions.

Logo Elements

The OutSport Toronto logo has three elements — a graphic, a wordmark and a trademark symbol, as illustrated below.

Logo Parts

The graphic element is the three stylised figures in the shape of the letters "OST".  The wordmark element is the words "OUTSPORT TORONTO", and the trademark symbol is the small letters "TM".  These elements must be used together, and may not be separated or altered.

Minimum Size

The logo must always be displayed at a size large enough to read both the logo wordmark and the trademark symbol.  This will vary based on the resolution of the medium in which the logo is being used, but as a general rule the logo should be no smaller than 1.5 cm (5/8”) or 50 pixels in height.

Clear Space

It is critical to maintain an open area surrounding the OutSport Toronto logo so it remains recognisable and does not become lost in other page / publication elements.  Clear space is deemed relative to the size of the logo, not as a border of a set distance (such as saying “1/4 inch”).

The border/padding on each side of the logo/wordmark should be equal to twice the height/width of the leading “O” in “OUTSPORT” and therefore will change based on the size of the logo while maintaining a consistent size relative to the logo.

Logo Padding

The wordmark and trademark use the font Meta, which has been stretched for the wordmark.   Nonetheless, you should not in any case recreate the wordmark typographically — always use the official logo downloaded from this page (see below for downloadable logos).

Logo Colour

The OutSport Toronto logo is a colour logo using the six rainbow-flag colours for the graphic, and black and greys for the wordmark and trademark symbol.  It may only appear in full colour.  Do not use any other colours in presenting the logo or alter these colour selections in any way, such as incorporating a tint, a fade, a gradient, changed opacity, or any other devices.

Red( 217, 31, 40 )#DB1F29(8.63, 100, 97.65, 1.18)1795
Orange(245, 130, 46)#F5822F(0, 60.39, 92.16, 0)1575
Yellow(246, 235, 20)#F3EC19(6.27, 0, 96.47, 0)Yellow
Green(102, 188, 70)#64BC46(63. 92,0, 100, 0)7489
Blue(57, 83, 165)#3854A5(88.24, 76.47, 0, 0)Reflex Blue
Purple(147, 53, 148)#943494(44.63, 94.51, 0, 0)254
For white / light backgrounds
"OUTSPORT" and "TM" Black (0, 0, 0)#000000(0, 0, 0, 100)426
"TORONTO" Grey(109, 111, 113)#6D6E71(0, 0, 0, 70)Cool Gray 10
For black / dark backgrounds
"OUTSPORT" and "TM" White (255, 255, 255)#FFFFFF(0, 0, 0, 0)-
"TORONTO" Grey(179, 179, 179)#B3B3B3(0, 0, 0, 30)Cool Gray 5

Be careful with using colour profiles on the web in order to maintain accurate colours.  Use the files provided at OutSportToronto.org/logo-use-guidelines (below) if possible.


The logo can be used on a white, black, or solid colour background.  The white background is the preferred choice.  When used on a coloured background, the background must be a colour that provides proper contrast.  In particular, the coloured background must not be one of the logo colours above (including those used in the wordmark), or so close to any one of the colours that it renders that coloured portion of the logo virtually invisible.

Logo with preferred white background colour
Preferred white background colour
Logo with black background with correct colours for wordmark and trademark symbols
Black background with correct colours for wordmark and trademark symbols
Logo with background sufficiently contrasts all colours of the logo
Background sufficiently contrasts all colours of the logo

Rotation / Orientation

The logo should always be displayed in its normal orientation.  That is, it should never be rotated.

What Not To Do

  • Replace the font.
  • Change the colours.
  • Place the logo over a background that renders any portion of the logo fundamentally invisible.
  • Place the logo over a portion of a photograph that interferes with clear recognition of the logo.
  • Place a white, black, or any other colour outline around any portion of the graphic, wordmark, or trademark symbol.
  • Rotate the logo.
  • Change the proportional sizes of any elements of the logo relative to each other.
  • Inappropriately pair your organisation's name or logo with the OutSport Toronto logo.
  • Attach any elements to the graphic or other elements of the logo, or otherwise combine it with any additional elements.
  • Combine it with additional words.
  • Replace the graphic or otherwise alter it.
  • Remove the trademark symbol.
  • Stretch, skew, or otherwise distort the logo.
  • Use the wordmark alone.
  • Use the graphic alone.
  • Re-size a low-resolution or GIF version of the logo to a larger size.
  • Use a ghosted or watermark version of the logo.
  • Add a drop-shadow.

Requesting a Variance

If you wish to use the OutSport Toronto logo in a way that does not comply with these guidelines for creative reasons, you may request a variance from OutSport Toronto by sending the proposed design to info@OutSportToronto.org .  In most cases, variances are only granted for uses associated with conferences, events, and some promotional items.


Use the following files for your OutSport Toronto logo needs, ensuring compliance with these guidelines.  If for some reason the provided files do not seem appropriate to your need, or appear corrupt, please contact info@OutSportToronto.org indicating the problem, and we'll do our best to help solve it.  For a quick and easy way to get the OutSport Toronto logo on your website, see Link to Us.