Thank You David Testo!

By James Scott, 10 November 2011

What a positive news story! OUTSport Toronto would like to extend its support to David Testo, and congratulate him on his decision to publically declare himself as a professional LGBT athlete

David Testo
David Testo

While we still await North America’s first active out professional athlete, it is very interesting to note that Mr. Testo was out to his teammates, and you have to think the “liberation” provided by that honesty contributed to the performances that led to his team MVP award in 2009.

With each LGBT athlete that courageously exits the closet, the negative stereotype that LGBT individuals shy away from sport loses relevance.

With each LGBT athlete that displays the leadership required to be open about their sexual orientation, the LGBT community gains a role model.

With each LGBT athlete who takes the path towards a sporting world free of discrimination, he/she makes that path more easily travelled for those who will follow.

One of OUTSport Toronto’s values is “inclusion”, and with Mr. Testo’s decision to come out of the closet, he has surely made a positive contribution to the inclusion of LGBT individuals in sport.

Thank you and congratulations to David Testo.