Toronto Gay Hockey League, Brian Burke, and the Toronto Marlies Get Together To Stop Bullying

2 December 2011

OUTSPORT TORONTO is posting this press release on behalf of our member organisation, the Toronto Gay Hockey League.


Marlies to unveil public service announcement during December 10 game

The Toronto Marlies will be showcasing their anti-bullying public service announcement with the Toronto Gay Hockey League (TGHA) and Brian Burke in attendance during their game against the Albany Devils on December 10th.  Following the game, Burke will join the TGHA for their league shinny at the Ricoh Centre.

“This is a big step for Canada’s national sport,” says TGHA Commissioner Stephen Reid.  “When we got together with the Toronto Marlies and asked them do a public service announcement talking about how bullying is not acceptable, they were incredibly supportive.”

Reid said that this PSA launch even got better when Brian Burke agreed to come and watch some of the TGHA’s shinny following the Marlies game.  “On December 10th, we really get to show the world how we are not only a world class hockey city, but a city that doesn’t put up with intolerance or bullying.”

The TGHA and several gay sports organizations in Toronto continue to drive awareness about the bullying of gay teenagers.  Reid says that is important that we use our sports organizations to highlight that LGBT teens don’t have to be bullied and there are many others like them.

“Between 30 and 40% of LGBT teens have attempted suicide, and a lot of this comes from bullying,” says Reid.  “Everyone has to realize that there is no such thing as one victim in a suicide… there are many – brothers, sisters, parents and friends – and it is entirely preventable.”

The Toronto Marlies will also be donating $4.00 for every ticket sale bought through the TGHA towards the Kids Help Phone, an organization that is dedicated to helping teenagers as they deal with bullying.  For more information on how to get your tickets to the game, please email Greg Corbett at .


Contact info:

Toronto Gay Hockey Association

Stephen Reid (647) 330-3811