Press Release: Nov. 5th LGBT Sports Community Comes Together

16 October 2011

For Immediate Release

October 13, 2011 – Toronto, ON    Nov. 5th LGBT Sports Community Comes Together

On November 5th the LGBTTIQQ2SA (LGBT) amateur sport community will be coming together at the 519 Community Centre for the OutSport Toronto Fall Scrum – a full day conference open to those interested in learning about a range of sport topics including LGBT sports psychology, how to participate in sport while minimizing potential injuries, and how to volunteer and be a good board member. 

It is not uncommon for LGBT youth to disengage from organised sport due to the discomfort generated by homophobic language from their peers.  This is further reinforced by incidences of homophobia reported in the media, such as those that have recently occurred in professional hockey, basketball, and other sport contexts.  Imagine growing up in an atmosphere where you are forced to join a team in your physical education class that includes people that just yesterday shoved you into a locker or tripped you in the hall to humiliate you in front of your peers because they suspect you are gay or lesbian, queer or trans.  Can you imagine feeling part of that team?  Can you really see yourself belonging or joining other sports organisations?

Despite these barriers LGBT sports has a rich diversity and history.  There are over thirty amateur LGBT sporting organisations in the GTA alone representing over 4,000 participants.  The Montreal OutGames of 2006 featured over 10,000 amateur LGBT athletes competing together – the largest amateur sporting event Canada had ever hosted at that time.

Presented by OutSport Toronto, the Scrum promises to provide the LGBT community with an opportunity to connect and break through barriers to participation in sport.  OutSport Toronto is glad to have Patrick Burke, brother of Brendan Burke and son to Brian Burke (GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs) as our keynote speaker to end the day on a note of inspiration. 

For more information on attending the OutSport Toronto Fall Scrum on November 5th go to


David Langan
OutSport Toronto
Director, Marketing & Communications


OutSport Toronto serves and supports LGBT amateur sport and recreation organisations and athletes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by:

  • Encouraging participation in sport within the LGBT community;
  • Facilitating interaction and communication amongst member LGBT sport organisations;
  • Providing opportunities for learning and mentoring; and
  • Effectively advocating to external parties.


OutSport Toronto's vision is to be the respected voice of LGBT sport.


  • Healthy Living:  OutSport Toronto believes that participation in sports and recreation contributes to overall health through a combination of physical, mental, and social well-being.
  • Service Driven:  OutSport Toronto focuses on the needs of its members to help them achieve increased success in the delivery of their programmes.
  • Inclusion:  OutSport Toronto commits to making all individuals feel respected and valued.
  • Accountability:  OutSport Toronto reports, explains, and is responsible for it policies, decisions, and actions.
  • Transparency:  Everything OutSport Toronto does is open for scrutiny.  Meetings are open to the governing bodies of member organisations and their nominees.  Board meeting minutes are published on a timely basis.