PRESS RELEASE - Jason Collins

30 April 2013
Jason Collins with the Atlanta Hawks in May 2012
Jason Collins with the Atlanta Hawks in May 2012

29 April 2013 – For Immediate Distribution

OUTSPORT TORONTO proudly congratulates NBA centre Jason Collins on the leadership he has shown by coming out and becoming publicly recognised as the first openly gay male athlete playing in a major North American team sport.

All athletes, regardless of their sexual orientation, seek to play their game with authenticity and honesty, and all athletes deserve that chance.  Coming out and being honest as Jason Collins has, and as Brittney Griner, the Women’s NBA #1 draft pick did on April 17, makes a difference towards the quality of game we see played, and all sports fans can support a choice to improve the game!

OUTSPORT TORONTO continues to applaud the athletes and allies who lead the charge to make sport an accepting and open environment, and to support LGBT athletes who are proving that no matter your sexual orientation, it’s the quality of your skills and teamwork that define your limits, not your sexuality.

Congratulations to Jason Collins on his 12 years of success in the NBA, we wish him all the best in his free agency.  Congratulations also to Brittney Griner on being chosen #1 in the WNBA Draft.

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