The Missing (gay) Link

30 November 2010


Toronto, Ontario - November 30th, 2010 - Sex, philanthropy, shopping, drinking, shows, hair removal, and queer activism – as a LGBT community we’ve got it all covered… except for the missing gay link. Sports.

We spend years being told “You can’t play sports – you’re gay” or being forced to hide in exchange for success. Gord Dunbar of GLISA North America counters “Sports is part of who I am.  And being gay is part of who I am.” Sports are an integral part of our Queer community and our experience unravelling the trappings of homophobia.  It’s time to rediscover ourselves.

There are over two dozen amateur LGBT sports organizations in the GTA. As the organization dedicated to supporting amateur LGBT sports in the GTA, OutSport Toronto can help you find your sport.  If your inner athlete is reaching for higher, stronger, or faster goals set your sites on the largest multiple-sport amateur competition in the world.  Although the 2008 Beijing Olympics saw a whopping 10,500 athletes from 205 nations... the Olympics aren't the largest. Both the Gay Games hosted by the Federation of Gay Games and the OutGames hosted by GLISA regularly see between 10-12,000 athletes at each of their events. The next multi-sport game are the 2011 Vancouver OutGames which includes a human rights and youth conference.

Sport means more than being healthy and looking good. Sport fosters community. LGBT sports often act as a way for the queer community to find, and build, our chosen families. When asked what LGBT sports meant to him Rob from Muddy York Rugby replied “It’s a way for people to engage in activities that they enjoy, being fully who they are”. 

We are evolving.  Leading healthy and social lifestyles are growing in popularity; if you’re new to the city, the scene, or to sport, where do you begin?  OutSport Toronto can be your link to the GTA’s amateur LGBT sports world.  If you would like to unleash your inner athlete, or just get active, go to

OutSport Toronto is a not-for-profit amateur athletic association dedicated to serving and supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) amateur sport organisations in the greater Toronto area (GTA).