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Marlies Coach Dallas Eakins Overwhelmed with Admiration for Toronto Gay Hockey Association

Marlies coach Dallas Eakins dressing-room chat with Toronto Gay Hockey AssociationMarlies coach Dallas Eakins dressing-room chat with Toronto Gay Hockey AssociationOUTSPORT TORONTO member organisation the Toronto Gay Hockey Association (TGHA) has done fantastic work over the last couple of years building a relationship with the Toronto Marlies, and bringing visibility to LGBT sport and recreation beyond the LGBT community.  See the excellent article found at published in the Toronto Star 28 February 2013, and watch the full video of Eakins dressing-room talk with the TGHA.

"The Marlies have been great, and we're pleased to see them take very positive steps," noted TGHA nominee and OUTSPORT TORONTO director James Scott. 

Last year, the Marlies created a number of Public Service Announcements targeting homophobia and clearly stating that it was unacceptable.  The team also was the first team to officially sign on to the You Can Play pledge (

"Allies in professional sport are critical to start the process of changing hearts and minds, and making sure that all young people have safe spaces in which to get out and play," commented OUTSPORT TORONTO chair Shawn Sheridan.  "When kids, coaches, parents, and league organisers hear their heroes and idols saying it's not OK to discriminate, bully, or exclude others based on sexual orientation or gender identity, that starts that process of change."