The 4th Annual OUTSPORT TORONTO “SCRUM” conference November 22-23 was a huge success!   Thank you to all who participated, making this the best ever attended conference.   

The conference started Friday afternoon with a youth session.  Focusing on how the 2015 Pan / Parpan Am Games can promote and interact with the LGBT youth community, many of the ideas were...

By James Scott,

Last Monday, December 2nd, The 519 hosted an information session regarding its proposed Sports & Recreation Centre.  I am sure by now many of you have heard about this project (and if not, check out OUTSPORT TORONTO's story - click here), this meeting was a great opportunity to hear more details on this exciting opportunity.

For those of...

By Catherine Meade,

The Team Toronto discount code for Gay Games 9 (Cleveland) has been extended one final time to December 31st.  Our code is: TEAMTO.

Please also note, individual sport registration fees are increasing in early January too.  So, you have LOT$ of good reasons to register for GG9 before the new year!

The 519 submitted a report to City Council 27 November 2013 which, if approved, marks the first official step in building a new sports and recreation centre for the City of Toronto, with a focus on LGBT communities.  The facility will also provide much-needed recreation space for residents in the new West Don Lands community.  The project is in response...

World Pride 2014 LogoCome join the WorldPride 2014 Toronto team by becoming an Athlete Ambassador at OUTSPORT TORONTO’s Scrum 2013, November 22-23.   At the Scrum workshop get the training you’ll need to be a WorldPride 2014 Toronto ambassador.  

For more info and to register, click here.

November 22nd at 5pm and runs to November 23rd 6pm

UofT Hart House and the 519 Community Centre

OUTSPORT TORONTO is holding its fourth annual conference for Toronto’s LGBT sports and recreation community.  The conference, fondly named SCRUM, supports OUTSPORT TORONTO’s mandate to create opportunities to build stronger inter-sport bonds and infrastructures for healthy individuals...

We have some exciting breaking news for you! OUTSPORT TORONTO's Team Toronto Organising Committee has been working hard to get ready for Gay Games 9!  In preparation for a lot of fun and exciting things ahead, we're pleased to announce our kick-off party!  Come join us!

Another good news story!

Essay: 'You don't have to feel like you're alone'

Written by Atticus DeProspo 5:32 PM, Sep 11, 2013 |

DeProspo is a junior in the school of industrial and labor relations and a soccer player at Cornell University, and tells his coming-out story below. He is also a theater productions minor.

As a young man...

Adam McNairOUTSPORT TORONTO is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam McNair to the board as Director of Community Outreach.  Adam was appointed at the 27 August 2013 board of directors meeting.

"Adam was instrumental in the success of our 2013 Pride work this year, and despite joining the team later on in our work, really stepped up and contributed...

By Shawn Sheridan,

When I was in grade two, life was not good.  I was small.  I wore coke-bottle-bottom glasses.  My mother insisted in dressing me in clothes that were completely different from the rest of the kids, and I had a brush-cut when every other kid had long hair.  I was painfully different.  And some other kids knew that.  And they preyed...

OUTSPORT TORONTO is pleased to welcome the Riverdale Curling League and the Toronto Gay Sailing Club as new members.  Both organisations were approved for membership at OUTSPORT TORONTO's 23 July 2013 board meeting.

"We're delighted to have both Riverdale Curling League and Toronto Gay Sailing Club join OUTSPORT TORONTO," said James Scott, Director of Membership...

MP Olivia Chow addressing the VIP reception.
MP Olivia Chow addressing the VIP reception.

OUTSPORT TORONTO is pleased to report that Come Out and Play, its first fundraising gala, was a huge success!  With the help of Chariot Events, a third party event fundraising company for Toronto’s LGBT community, OUTSPORT TORONTO and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA) raised some money, heightened the profile of LGBT sport and recreation...