From OUTSPORT TORONTO’s Chair, Shawn Sheridan

My dear friends and colleagues:

I hope you all made it through the coldest February in quite some time, and are looking forward to 2015.  We at OUTSPORT TORONTO have been extremely busy, taking the results of our fifth annual conference late last November, results of conversations we have had and...

At its last board of directors meeting, OUTSPORT TORONTO’s board of directors voted unanimously to propose changes to the organisation’s bylaws at the next Annual General Meeting to increase the number of directors from the current nine to a maximum of fifteen.

“This really came out of the strategic planning workshop we held in mid-January, and what a...

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25 February 2015

OUTSPORT TORONTO is proud to announce it’s nomination at the 2015 Inspire Awards in the Inspiring Community Organization of the Year Award.

The 5th Anniversary INSPIRE Awards will be held on May 29th at the stunning Hart House courtyard on the beautiful grounds of the University of Toronto.


By Ian Watson,
Netminder Julius Hudacek, known for entertaining the crowd, dances to Y-M-C-A after "Pride Match", supporting the Orebro LGBT community.
Netminder Julius Hudacek, known for entertaining the crowd, dances to Y-M-C-A after "Pride Match", supporting the Orebro LGBT community.

Our hats off to the Orebro Hockey Club.  Netminder Julius Hudack is apparently well known within the Sweedish Hockey League (SHL) for his crowd pleasing post-game entertainment.  

On a night when the Orebro Hockey Club held their "Pride Match", a game dedicated to supporting the local LGBT community, Hudack brought out five of his teammates, dressed in headgear reminiscent...

While high profile coming out stories in sport tend to monopolize the attention of the media, there are several LGBTQ Star Athletes that deserve recognition, including some true trail blazers!

In partnership with, OUTSPORT TORONTO presents the biographies of six LGBTQ star athletes who have made history in sports which are relatively low profile (in terms of...

By Ian Watson,

Soccer's Governing body makes Soccer's Gay role-model fume over decision on where next two World Cups are to be held.

Robbie Rogers
Robbie Rogers

In a move which he thought would end his career, two years ago, Robbie Rogers came out as professional soccer's first openly gay player.  Thankfully for him, and the rest of us in the LGBTQ community, he was wrong.  Instead...

With the #proud support of I LOVE NEW YORK LGBT and the Finger Lakes Visitors Connection, the Toronto Gay Ski and Snowboarding Club is proud to combine great skiing and snowboarding with the exceptional culinary riches the Finger Lakes region has to discover!

In association with the [LGBTQ] Center of the Finger Lakes, Rochester Pride, the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley and LORA • lesbians of rochester...

By Ian Watson,

Celebrating PRIDE at Ontario's only mid-winter Pride Festival gets people OUT to PLAY.

BLUE MOUNTAIN - The scene was picturesque with snow falling as the rainbow flag was hoisted for the second annual celebration of Pride at Blue Mountain resort.

It was a smaller more intimate crowd that gathered outside the Blue Mountain Village Conference Centre as Ontario's only mid-winter...

By Yanick Landry,

(NC) If you've already booked your skiing holiday, you're probably looking forward to perfecting your snow bunny look and enjoying winter treats in the lodge. But your vacation can provide plenty of fantastic health benefits too, including weight loss, muscular fitness and even relief from seasonal affected disorder or SAD.

The trick to skiing is, of course, to keep yourself...

By Ian Watson,

Time to lace up and get out to enjoy the winter

A little awkward timing, after over a week of freezing temperatures, the City of Toronto started opening their outdoor skating rinks on the weekend that mother nature decided to give us one last blast of warmer temperatures.  But the important note here is that the outdoor rinks have started...


Toronto's LGBT Sport and Recreation Conference

2015 and Beyond!

What is included in your OST SCRUM Registration Fee?

  • Invitation to The PrideHouseTO Launch Reception November 28
  • Keynote address by Olympic Medalist Marnie McBean during brunch (provided)
  • Light lunch (provided)
  • Networking Reception

This year's OST SCRUM topics include:

  • The 519 Sport and Recreation Project Update
  • OutSport Toronto Initiatives and Programs...
By Ian Watson,

UMass Minutemen's Best Player Derrick Gordon "freer" to play the game.

Photo: Steven G. Smith/For The Globe

An article from the Boston Globe on November 11, 2014, brings to light a very overlooked subject about LGBTQ players in sport; the impact being LGBTQ has on your game.

It's not that LGBTQ players aren't as good as their straight counterparts. Derrick Gordon (among many others) proves this...