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Please complete all portions of this secure online form.  Once you complete the form, you will be eMailed a PDF copy of it.  You can choose to either have it electronically authorised, or physically through signatures:

  1. For electronic authorisation, at the end of the form, you will be able to specify the person who will be signing the form on behalf of your organisation, along with their eMail address so that they can electronically provide authorisation. The form will be eMail to that person as well, along with instructions on how to complete the electronic authorisation.
  2. If you wish to instead print out the eMailed PDF form and have it signed, you can do that too, filling in the apporopriate names and signing in the appropriate spaces on page 4.  Once signed, please submit all four pages in person to any director of OUTSPORT TORONTO, scan the signed form and eMail a PDF of the scan to , or send it via post to:

    OutSport Toronto
    77 Carlton Street, Suite 1707 
    Toronto, ON. M5B 2J7

OUTSPORT TORONTO collects the information on this application / renewal to effectively serve and support its member organisations.  Information collected is held in confidence within OUTSPORT TORONTO in accordance with our privacy policy.  Some of this information will be published on our website when we list your organisation.  All information that will potentially be published is denoted by at the end of the label.

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Membership Renewal
Please indicate whether you are applying as a new member to OutSport Toronto or you are renewing your membership.
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