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Scrum 2013 Friday afternoon Youth Session Registration
Price: FREE!

Are you LGBTQ (or an ally)?  Love sports and rec?  Between 16 and 25 years old?  Don't miss the youth portion of Scrum 2013!

Have a voice in creating Toronto's upcoming mega-LGBT sport and recreation events. The workshop will be all about the organising leaders hearing what you can envision. Plus, gain valuable hands-on insight into what's involved in successfully planning events like WorldPride.

Scrum 2013 Friday-evening-only Registration
Price: $15.00

If you can't participate in the full conference, why not join us for Friday evening only starting at 7:00pm, for the reception at Hart House, featuring the keynote address.  

The keynote address, against odds, will feature the courageous co-president of the Russian LGBT Sports Federation, Konstantin Iablotckii.  Konstantin will share with us what it is like in Russia today being an out LGBT athlete.  He will share some of the challenges and hopes for furthering LGBT sports in his home country.  This will be a most engaging presentation giving the upcoming winter Olympics.

Scrum 2013 Full Conference Registration
Price: $40.00

This year's full conference includes a reception and keynote address at Hart House Friday evening, and Saturday sessions at The 519.

Scrum 2013 Full Conference Registration - 25 and under rate
Price: $20.00

A special rate for the full conference for those age of 25 and under.  Participants registered with this price will be required to show photo-ID with date of birth on it at the time of conference check-in.