Board Positions

OUTSPORT TORONTO's board is made up of fifteen directors, fourteen of which are elected at each Annual General Meeting.  At least two-thirds of the directors must be from member organisations.

Governance RoleExecution Role
Chair:  Chairs all directors and general meeting, ensures the board carries out its governance functions.Acts as president and CEO of the corporation, ultimately accountable for execution of plans, acts as spokesperson.
Vice Chair:  Backup / assistant to the Chair in fulfilling the Chair’s duties.Backup / assistant to the Chair in fulfilling the Chair’s duties.
Secretary:  Records and published all directors and general meeting minutes.  Maintains the register of members.Ensures OUTSPORT TORONTO is in compliance with various statutes, regulations, filing requirements, etc.  Assists other teams as needed.
Treasurer:  Chairs the finance committee.  Ensures budgets are prepared and approved by board of directors.Chief Financial Officer.  Ensures the accounting records of the corporation are maintained, bills paid, etc.  Prepares monthly financial package for governance finance committee review and the board.
Up to Ten Other Directors:  With Executive Committee members and Past Chair, monitor the activities of the organisation against plans. Decide on corrective action as necessary. Serve on governance committees as needed.Membership – Maintains solid, favourable relationships with all member organisations through a team.  Ensures annual membership renewals.  Maintains a perspective on member organisations’ health.  Seeks to increase member organisation base.
Member Services – Determines service needs of member organisations in partnership with Director of Members.  In partnership with Director for Partnerships and Development, sources providers, and manages service provision.
Community Outreach – Leads annual Pride efforts for OUTSPORT TORONTO.
Partnerships and Development – builds effective, mutually accretive partnerships between OUTSPORT TORONTO and other third-parties (non-members).  Leads efforts to secure sustainable funding.
Marketing – Ensures OUTSPORT TORONTO’s brand is appropriately promoted.
Communications and Public Relations – Manages OUTSPORT TORONTO’s messaging and reactions to current events that are likely to require a comment from OUTSPORT TORONTO.
Games – In partnership with other directors, organise all activities for OUTSPORT TORONTO and its member organisations around multisport LGBT games.
Volunteers – Manage intake, placement, appreciation of, and all other functions for volunteers.
Information Technology – Manages various technology aspects that are required for OUTSPORT TORONTO’s operations.
Director at Large – Assist other directors as needed in the execution of their portfolios.
Past Chair:  Chairs board development committee.  Provides historical perspective to the board.Provides historical perspective to the team.

If you have an interest in any of these roles (whether currently filled or not), please contact the Chair of OUTSPORT TORONTO directly at .