Pride 2012 - We Got Out and Played.

By Julian DiBattista, 3 July 2012

Well, Pride 2012 is officially over and I can say it was the best Pride I've ever attended.  

The SportZone was an amazing way to showcase our leagues and opportunities for athletes in Toronto.  It was inspiring being able to walk down Alexander Street and see booth after booth, all building awareness of LGBT sport and recreation in Toronto.  

I was impressed at how many people stopped by the OUTSPORT TORONTO booth to say that they weren't from Toronto, but wish that OUTSPORT TORONTO would come bring LGBT sport to their hometown, either from other cities within Ontario or to the rest of Canada.  Sports and recreation are important in life, and it was quite moving to see how much interest there is for LGBT friendly sporting organisations.  

But if there's one thing that stands out in my mind it was the parade.  OUTSPORT TORONTO was fortunate enough to lead the parade and I took advantage of my first opportunity to march.  It truly was an experience I will never forget.  So many people cheering, waving, high-fiving and fist bumping.  So much positive energy.  Such a good reaction to the LGBT sporting and recreation community.  It really was amazing.  

I can't wait for pride 2013!