Calendar Cornucopia

By David Langan, 3 March 2011

You've probably noticed a sudden explosion on the calendar.  OutSport Toronto was checking you out... yes member organisation - you.  Did you know that as a member you can add events to the calendar?  Did you know that membership is free (for those not yet members)?

The calendar is a great place to put events like registration nights, social events, new member nights, AGM's and special events like Downtown Swim Club Toronto's "All Out Swim Meet" in April; CGSL's "Canada Cup" at the end of June; Out and Out's "Jamboree" in August; and the Toronto Rainbow Reef Ranger's "Dive For Life - Cozumel" event in September.

The OutSport Toronto website is available to the public - that means the calendar also becomes an important way to promote your organisation.  You never know who is checking out the calendar.  But remember, the calendar is only as good as the information you add to it.