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OutSport Toronto to Increase Number of Directors to Fifteen

At its last board of directors meeting, OUTSPORT TORONTO’s board of directors voted unanimously to propose changes to the organisation’s bylaws at the next Annual General Meeting to increase the number of directors from the current nine to a maximum of fifteen.

“This really came out of the strategic planning workshop we held in mid-January, and what a few of us had been observing even before then, that some of the portfolios were really too big for one person,” said OUTSPORT TORONTO’s chair Shawn Sheridan.  “There will be motions at the AGM to increase the total number of directors, and reduce the proportion of directors that must come from member organisations from two-thirds to a simple majority of the directors.  This will mean we can subdivide some of those large portfolios into much more manageable pieces for one volunteer director and their committee, and we’ll be able to source more candidates from the broader community, instead of needing to pull two-thirds from our member organisations.  Nonetheless, the majority of the governance will still be from our member organisations, and our mission, vision, and values make it clear we are here to serve them.”

Provided the motions pass at the AGM (scheduled for 6 May 2015), the following portfolios are envisioned, with appropriate adjustment as the new board and new directors come up to speed:

  1. Chair:  The Chair presides at all meetings of OUTSPORT TORONTO and of the directors.   In addition, the Chair is the chief executive officer of OUTSPORT TORONTO and must supervise the other officers in the execution of their duties.   The Chair is part of the Executive Committee of OUTSPORT TORONTO.
  2. Vice Chair:  The Vice Chair must carry out the duties of the Chair during the Chair's absence.   In addition, the Vice Chair supports the Chair in the execution of the Chair’s duties, and is part of the Executive Committee.
  3. Secretary:  The Secretary conducts the official correspondence of OUTSPORT TORONTO, issues notices of meetings of OUTSPORT TORONTO and directors, keeps minutes of all meetings of OUTSPORT TORONTO and directors, has custody of all records and documents of OUTSPORT TORONTO except those required to be kept by the treasurer, has custody of the common seal of OUTSPORT TORONTO, and maintains the registry of members.  The secretary is part of the Executive Committee.
  4. Treasurer:  The Treasurer keeps the financial records, including books of account, necessary to comply with the Corporations Act, acts as the chair of the Finance Committee, and renders financial statements to the directors, members and others when required.  The Treasurer is part of the Executive Committee.
  5. Communications and Public Relations:  The director who heads this committee is accountable for ensuring OUTSPORT TORONTO has a voice in various arenas, proactively messaging and responding to current events that are likely to require a comment from OUTSPORT TORONTO.
  6. Community Outreach:  This director is accountable for executing on a specific element of our missions statement, which is the promotion of sport and healthy living in the broader LGBT community.  This includes liaison with Pride Toronto, educational institutions, and the community at large.
  7. Games Committee:  The games committee is specifically named in the bylaws, responsible for co-ordinating participation of members in multi-sport competitions, and any other such inter-member event participation. 
  8. Information Technology:  This director heads a committee to manage various technology aspects that are required for OUTSPORT TORONTO’s operations.
  9. Marketing:  The director who heads this committee is accountable for ensuring OUTSPORT TORONTO has appropriate visibility in all of the communities in which we operate, and ensures our brand is appropriately managed.
  10. Membership:  This director heads a committee focused on the member organisations, maintaining open communications with those member organisations, and facilitating inter-organisation communication and liaison, such as through our annual Scrum.
  11. Member Services:  This director heads a committee focused on the member organisations, and providing value-added services for member organisations.   Determines service needs of member organisations in partnership with Director of Members.  In partnership with Director for Partnerships and Development, sources providers, and manages service provision.
  12. Partnerships and Development:  As OUTSPORT TORONTO is a not-for-profit organisation that does not charge its member organisations a fee, this function and thus director position is of critical importance to the wellbeing of not only OUTSPORT TORONTO, but all of LGBT sport.   This heads a committee that fosters mutually-beneficial partnerships with third parties, and creates and executes on a fundraising plan that will provide the necessary funds for OUTSPORT TORONTO to function. 
  13. Volunteers:  This director chairs the volunteer management committee, managing the intake, placement, appreciation of, and all other functions for volunteers.
  14. Director at Large  This director has no specific portfolio, and is available to support the efforts of other directors as needed, as well as provide director-level leadership to special projects as they arise.

(A 15th director position is held for the past chair, as required by OUTSPORT TORONTO’s bylaws.)

“I’m excited to provide more opportunity for people to become involved in our incredibly vibrant LGBT sport and recreation community, and in a leadership capacity.  We’re actively recruiting candidates to fill all these roles, with nominations opening very soon,” said Sheridan.  “If anyone is interested in any of them, that person can contact any of the existing directors.”  Director eMail addresses can be found here.